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Clipping path services plays an important role for Background Removal Service of digital images in online digital industry.Today lots of Online Editor available. But Real Retoucher provide very skilled handmade photoshop clipping path services using Pen Tool. In Photoshop for path clipping services Pen tool is the main tool.For edit foto image pen tool is very powerful and accurate. Unlike the pencil tool, we are creating your shape with points and handles. We do not just draw on the page, we have to add points and manipulate them to create your shapes. With the help of pen tool one can made path over the required object. We do handmade drawing path over the images to make clipping path. This process is also called as DEEP ETCHING SERVICES.

Based on the complexity of the images, we offer different types of clipping path image cut out services like Easy, medium, hard and extra hard clipping path editing services. For hard edges of photos the time taken to draw the path takes long time and we can also concentrate more over like this.

Our Photo editor services provided to online stores like amazon, eBay, flipkart and e-commerce business industries, studios, photographers. Our clients all over the world mainly USA,UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, Germany. Addressees of such services are primarily photographers and graphic design studios, advertising agencies, as well as web designers companies.

We offer five types of Clipping path services.

Clipping Path

QUality Clipping Path

Background Changing

Clipping Path

Quickly make your picture backgrounds transparent and create great marketing material and presentations. We professionally remove any background from any photograph. it's ideal for those listing products in online stores. Once we clipping the photo, save it as clear white or transparent background.

We can save the clipping path as separately and it is reusable. We can save paths as separate layers and use each particular path when needed. We can store up to 250 path layers. Saving of path doesn’t increase the file size. Because all the paths are vector based. Particularly if the object you want to cut out has lots of hair, or if the background is exceedingly complex, It would be a really tricky task.

We provide you with attractive prices starting from as low as $ 0.15 USD for very simple image per image. And if you have lots of work for us we even provide discount on bulk orders!

Digital manipulation Service

Clipping Path

Photo manipulation or Digital manipulation involves transforming or altering a photograph using various methods and techniques to achieve desired results.

Photo Manipulation is combination of two or more images to create a unique image that can convey the message. After the manipulation is done you would never realize that the image was built from two or more different photographs.

Image manipulation is one of the most popular image editing or processing tasks. This feature allows you to know no bound to explore your imagination. Hence we are here at your service!

This sort of image processing is particularly popular for editing images of clothes, fashion wardrobes etc.

Pricing..Based on the requirement the prices vary. Our starting price is $4.

Digital manipulation Service
Photo Reshaping Service

Color Corrections

Clipping Path

We can adjust the colors of particular part of the object or product of Color Correction.

Pricing..Based on the requirement the prices vary. Our starting price is $1.

Product Separation Service

Clipping Path

With the help of Clipping path service we can isolate or separate a particular person, Product Separation or object from a group.

Pricing..Based on the requirement the prices vary. Our starting price is $0.8.

Clipping path Service
Clipping Path Service

Remove Unwanted Photo or Object

Clipping Path

We can also remove a particular person, product or object from
a group with the help of clipping path.

Pricing..Based on the requirement the prices vary. Our starting price is $0.8.

To get our clipping path services you can contact us any time.
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